Based on 13,400 Rusty Blackbird reports submitted during the 2014 Blitz, we have identified 848 Areas of Interest (AOI) that supported large flocks of Rusties during last spring’s migration. Learn more about how we identified and prioritized Areas of Interest. In 2015 and 2016, we request that birders use two strategies to find Rusty Blackbirds during the Blitz:

Strategy 1: Just like last year, we ask you to go out and search for Rusties wherever you want, targeting your search to Rusty Blackbird habitat.
Strategy 2: Since we also want to evaluate consistency in habitat use across seasons, we ask that you also revisit Areas of Interest that we have identified based on 2014 data collection. Check out our brief description on how to survey an Area of Interest.  You can visit an Area of Interest as often as you like- the more the better! Please Note: Some AOIs fall on private land. Please respect private property when searching for Rusties; make sure to obtain appropriate permissions before accessing private property or reporting birds observed on private property.

Use this map to find an Area of Interest near you! Click on the Area marker to learn more information about each Area.

Have more questions about Areas of Interest? Check out our Areas of Interest- Frequently Asked Questions page.

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